Is your Digital Sign Ready for the Holidays?


The Race is On!

It's already the last quarter of the year. This is the time of year we race to get profits and it can best be done using  your digital sign wisely.

Get traffic engaged is the tricky part. Every second needs to be utilized in content that will engage traffic to reading your sign content on your LED sign by using effective advertising and digital marketing.

Consider a digital sign as another source of social media, it actually could be considered a giant “selfie stick” if used correctly.

What hurts a digital sign?

Catchy ads that are not "typical". I cringe when driving thru a town and see several signs on the street all playing the same holiday message. I cringe because the following are happening to that business:

Drive more traffic with these sign tips:

  • A cute canned art file won't bring new business in.
  • The sign is not unique and traffic will just ignore it.
  • Profits are being lost by not displaying a solid advertisement.

My suggestion is simple: don’t waste a second on your sign with a missed opportunities such as typical expected canned messages. Incorporate your holiday into your digital content manager or schedule program. Instead of a typical "Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours"  a dentist sign might try: "Get Ready for Holiday Pictures with a White Smile!". You get it the point.

Let traffic know exactly what is going on inside your store.

Keep in mind, sign manufacturers and sign companies are in the business to sell signs. Period. They really don't care if your business increases, they just want to sell more signs and sell you on the features. You can increase the number of ads on your sign so local traffic doesn't see the same ads over and over. That is usually who you are targeting and if they drive by your sign several times they may see same ads over and over.

Time and temp messages:  Should have been left in the 80s are useless with cars and cell phones. Time and temp messages are no longer needed. The cars that drove by during that time/temp message missed your ad. I am all about using that sign to its maximum potential.

Typical messages: Buckle Up, Drive Safe, Free ATM (for banks), Happy Holidays, Time/Temp all cause missed opportunities. If the cars driving by see those it doesn't make them come in when instead your ad may have attracted one of those drivers. They end up ignoring your sign. Ouch!

Make your digital sign a success this holiday:

  • Make your message stand out from the others - In a good way.
  • Get to the point -make it easy to understand and quick to read.
  • Don't get carried away with annoying effects built in sign software.
  • Try using sign software scheduling to rotate ads to get more views.

Consider hiring a copywriter for your ads. Make them catchy in two frames or less. Uplance, Freelancer to name a few has inexpensive copywriters.

You wouldn't do your own television commercial, why do your digital sign that has 10,000 or more view per day? This is where to put your marketing money and get the biggest bang for your buck and end this year with great returns using your digital sign as your number one resource. 

Signprogrammers, Inc. is offering 30 free minutes of help at no obligation. See if they can help with an ad idea for your sign. It is free sign software help. We have copywriters, marketers, techs and artists. The free consult is good for any area.

May all Your Pixels be Bright!