cadillac car wash sign

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Car Wash increased sales

in just 2 days by12% with

LED electronic digital sign 

Just ask Shati at Cadillac Car Wash in Houston. He didn't believe that a small investment in a quality crafted ad would make a difference. It is a car wash after all...we all know what they do. But there is more than just the typical ad that draws people in. 

Utilizing marketing, copywriting and great video, this sign enticed more drivers to turn in and get a car wash that day!

We have real case studies from small business owners that bit the bullet and tried custom content. Download the first in a series of our case studies

  • How a small car wash  increased profits 12% using sign software
  • Decided to use a professional made ad vs copy and paste from internet.
  • Didn't use canned graphics from sign manufacturer.
  • Why led sign is profitable marketing for car wash business owners
  • Answer question: "Is digital signage worth it for small business?"