Clues That Your Digital Sign is Failing

digital with vinyl arrow

1. You have a vinyl banner in front or hanging from your digital sign. This is a dead giveaway that your sign isn't being utilized properly. You should always use your digital sign for important items! Plus, a digital sign won't sag and fall over in the weather!

2. KICK THE CAN!(Canned art that is)

If canned art such as holiday, safety, time and temperature graphics are playing a majority of the time on your sign.

kicking-canCanned graphics  may look neat, however, they won't bring in the ROI.

Also, sorry, but  "Like Us On Facebook" is not going to make anyone like you on Facebook. Painful to hear, I understand. They will just drive by and not notice your sign. Unless you are just that super cool, in that case, like me on facebook 👍

Outdated? Use the schedule- always! If you put up a dated event or holiday message on your sign make sure you have schedule the stop date for it! Nothing worse than seeing Happy St. Patrick's Day in the middle of April. ( It happens - a lot!)

3's a Charm. Tick Tock Tick Tock...

After 3 Days, your message is boring to local traffic. Shake it up. Make a variation of the same file! User your sign software's schedule feature. If you need help we know how to help you with it. Just give me a call.

To Do Listto do list

It is always last on your to do list. It should be on the top of your list! It should be treated like your top sales person or marketing manager! It is out there 24/7 in front of all that traffic! Use it wisely! Your electronic message center should be the first thing you think about.

Your Sign Payment a Financial Burden

Then your sign is selling for you. If it were, you would be fine with the payment. It should be more than paying for itself. I talk to sign owners on both sides of the isle. Those who are ecstatic about their investment in digital signage and all it has done and those who are not using it to its potential.

Granted, it isn't as easy as the sign salesperson stated. But they aren't selling on your sign. They are just telling you how to copy and paste stuff on it. Not how to really get it to "work" for you.


Nobody says, "I saw it on your sign"...

Are people coming in and saying, "I saw the ad on your sign..."

I am guessing they are not coming in saying, Thanks for wishing me a Happy Flag Day and I want to order cases and case of your wonderful products for that thoughtfulness. They won't. You might as well turn the sign off if that is all you have to say. Save your leds and power.


bored (1)

 The canned generic items are letting programmers like myself know that you are out of fresh ideas or don't have the time.

It truly is a whole job in itself to keep that sign fresh and exciting. Kind of like a hyper active child. It needs constant attention.


Listen carefully to these sign signals...

When your Business is Flatlined

Your Sign Message is Boring -

When your Business is Busy -

Your sign is programmed correctly!