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Every week people ask me if they can upgrade their sign software or their digital sign doesn't do what that sign's software is capable of. Many times, those amazing looking  sign ads were professionally had a professional copywriter create the ad, programmed using another third party video editing software or graphic program, then made into an .avi or .mpg format and imported into the sign editor program that came with the sign.

The sign software is usually similar to Windows Notepad app. Most people just use it to jot a quick note, not for anything serious. Same with your digital sign software, it is just a quick editor with basic functions. They are all basically the same. So don't think you should have bought a different sign.

The sign manufacturer usually doesn't put a lot of money into developing a high end animation or video creation program. They are in the business to sell signs, the software has no return for them. 

Sign companies that sell led signs may sell you on the fact it comes with a gallery of canned generic graphics for your sign or holiday sign graphics that you will use up pretty fast.  But to get real professional quality ads, you will need to do some research, learn copywriting and graphic editing or have someone on staff if you want to do this in house that learns tips and tricks of sign programming.

There is plenty of free video editing software available. Be careful, freeware is totally loaded with some spyware or pup that can be privacy invasive. I always figure if it is free it is installing spyware. Personally, I would rather pay for the software to avoid having my computers infected.

Adobe has various software that is great for creating great sign content and video ads for your digital sign. There are many tutorials on YouTube as well. I would highly suggest trial versions before you buy to make sure they are compatible with your graphics experience and you don't decide to just let a third party do your sign content and management saving your time for what you do best.

Also you will need to take in to consideration copywriting skills. While the sign company stated you could just type in message and go he doesn't fully understand what you are trying to accomplish with your expensive investment of an led sign to do your marketing.

Canned art and holiday graphics are fast and easy, but ask yourself, Would that make me stop in?" You need to get a return on your sign investment. If you are not realizing an increase in traffic from your digital signage you need to understand that the software and canned graphics that came with your sign may not be enough.

Remember, sign salesmen are selling signs, they don't fully understand the next step: Marketing on your sign and that you need that sign to sell for your business.

I found a great article to elaborate more on the secrets of professional video editing and various programs to look at found here: 

So to be professional looking you need copywriting skills and some advanced graphics ability. Copy and paste usually tends to look amatuer if not edited to work on your sign matrix. 

Things to consider to make a good sign ad:

  • Font: Nothing too hard; small needs to be easily read
  • Colors: 3 maximum good rule of thumb
  • Effects: Steer clear of sign software effects- usually too busy
  • Copy: Easy to read and understand quickly

It may make sense to hire a third party to effectively content to that level and let you get back to doing what you do best.  

May all your pixels be bright!

Deb Tracy, owner

SIGNPROgrammers, Inc.

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& Copywriting Services since 2005