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set Goals for your Signs Success 

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 The digital sign is hands down the best marketing tool a small business can own. You are in total control. So why do so many businesses skimp after the purchase and try to do it all alone? 

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1. Begin With A Goal

Like any digital marketing effort, you need to know what end result you  want from your sign. Keeping weekly or monthly records on increase in traffic and what ads were playing are a great start.  Realizing this is another job. The sign takes more time than you anticipated if you are serious about getting a return from the sign. It was a big investment. Once the sign is installed you still have plenty to do. Canned art won't make your sign pay for itself. 

2. Know Your Audience

Create the same ad in a few different ways.  For instance, targeting senior citizens and younger crowds the same message in their own special way will get more from your sign ads than trying to get the attention from all for the same item. For instance, if you are a restaurant you might put and ad about Low Sodium options and same ad with different wording" Healthier Options" targeted to younger health oriented audience.

3.  Determine who is best to Program the Sign

We call it " New Sign Syndrome".  A business gets a new digital sign and go crazy making fun and cute ads and enjoy driving by the sign and saying "  I made that sign graphic!". Then when the monthly bill comes and the sign is not paying for itself it is time to get serious about your digital sign marketing.

Don't look at the IT guy! Find out who in your organization has the eye for creating the graphics. Is there someone else good with "words"? Have them be your copywriter and create the catchy ad words.

Don't put this on one person. A copywriter is not the same as an IT guy who can fix your network. 

5. Feedback Is Important

Get opinions of others to gauge your sign content's effectiveness. You can ask your customers if they noticed your sign ad and if that gave them the push to come inside.  Or you might try using a free Google phone number and put that on your ad.  Remember, if the ad doesn't look good, go back and make changes in your sign software.

To Sum it All Up

What is on your sign is how the world will perceive what is inside your business. If you don't have good quality ads they may perceive the business to either be no successful or that you don't care. It is like your front door. Make it where people want to come inside and do business with you.

PS. Don't wait until Thanksgiving, now is the time to turn your sign into your best marketing tool. You have the greatest flexibility with your sign- don't waste a second on anything that is not calling people in your doors!


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