Digital Signage: does size matter?




OK , yes, size does matter.

It is much easier to create content for a big high def digital sign than a smaller, low-def digital sign. You can easily fit more words on a bigger sign and you don't have to use special fonts and outlines to make it easy to read, as well as graphics are easier to combine with text on a bigger or higher definition digital electronic sign.


Don't despair, many of our clients have older lower def signs, it is typical to see a 4x8, 6- 8 year old 13mm digital sign. While it can be a challenge to figure out how to get all the wording along with a great graphic to work with the goal of targeting results  of the ad. It can be done... if done properly. 


Electronic sign owners often worry their sign can't compete with the neighbors new 10mm or higher definition led sign. It isn't always about the size, often times those bigger hi-def signs are playing sub-par graphics or the font is too small to read.

So in that aspect, size doesn't matter!

size matters


The bottom line:

Make your message answer a question:  we will stop your hunger, we will make sure you don't break down in the cold, we can help you with that achy back ....whatever it is make sure you answer a question!


People don't want to know what you have, they want to know how you can solve their problems or learn about problems they don't know can happen. But make sure your message is short, sweet and to the point.


Too much flashing, scrolling or effects provided in your sign software editor program can lessen the effect of a good solid message.


Steer clear of the over use of sign software effects. It gives digital signs a bad rap! You don't want people complaining and ordinances made against your sign.

There are several third party animation softwares you can try (before you buy) to create a great ad.

I will warn you, it will take a lot of time to learn and create professional content. 


Your sign was a great investment. It needs quality ads to increase the ROI. We have several option and several programs available for all budgets. You might consider hiring a content management company to help you out for a while.

Your IT person is not a graphic artist. Your receptionist is not a copywriter. You wouldn't hire an electrician to fix your toilet. Your website person is usually either an artist or a technical person – not both.


Digital signs are not same as web graphics or brochure content. The power of the LED bulbs will wash out colors while making certain combinations hard to read  free “Sign Tips” to help you out.

Don't get too frustrated over your sign software. It is what it is. It is not a professional video program. We get a lot of calls from disgruntled sign owners that their messages look amateur and their sign software is bad. It isn't. It does what it is supposed to do. You just want it to do better. And you should have better on your sign. After all, it is the best form of marketing you can do for your business.

Electronic signs offer  the cheapest form of marketing - even when you pay for a content program.

If you feel you can't afford to pay someone, you can get Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas as well as other third party programs. Again, if you have the time. I would highly recommend you do a trial before pulling the trigger on buying one as they are pretty pricey.

Many of our sign video files also were made with 3D programs, additional plug-ins (at a price of course). We have a lot invested in our sign content software to create stunning ads for any video display. But that is what we do. And we take pride in doing sign content and digital graphics well since 1999.

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