Sign Ordinances Hurt Communities

For decades many of us in the sign business have been competing with other forms of media like newspaper, TV and Radio for that advertising dollar and with the introduction of technology i.e. Internet, Facebook, LinkedIn, website optimization, etc. it seemed like we were splitting that pie even more.


But with the new technologies there were other things happening, print media like the phone book and daily paper was being replaced by online media and google, Television was competing with TiVo, Netflix and Amazon, and Radio with Sirius, XM and Pandora.


"I now believe that On Premise advertising is today more relevant than ever"



With this new information, to preserve their local small business tax base I believe communities need to recognize it is more important than ever to relax some of the restrictive sign codes and allow the necessary On Premise imaging to keep the local properties from failing and becoming boarded up storefronts.


Most importantly merchants need to understand the value of their On Premise identity in today’s high tech world, and the tools available to them like really cool digital graphics, unique storefronts and Electronic Digital signage, “Today’s commercials are playing right in front of your business.”

Credit to Gary Gebhardt of Signs By Crannie Sign Company for this content idea.

Daniel Crannie

President – Midwest Sign Assoc.

Signs by Crannie, Inc.

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